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Why you won't get a weight loss update this week

  • I was doing pretty well until Wednesday.
  • Tuesday was discouraging, but Wednesday was a nightmare.
  • We were up most of the night with Jack and then Emma threw up all morning.
  • Thursday Jack threw up and spend most of the day curled up in my arms in the recliner (though by that evening he was running around playing like normal)
  • Lucy started to feel under the weather (Matt left for work that morning after having given me strict instructions not to worry about the house, dinner, counting calories or exercising and just spend the day taking care of my babies) then…
  • I started a cough and another sore throat.
  • Before the sun was up on Friday I had to take Jack in to town to get some minor surgery done (after getting the all clear from the surgeon of course).
  • I came home that morning with a cranky, hungry, baby in pain as well as an anesthesia induced stupor.  He was mostly happy once he was home in Daddy’s arms, but by then…
  • Lucy had a full blown fever, one burst ear drum and another plugged ear.
  • By last night, Spencer had a fever of 102, he fell asleep in our room but we put him back in his when he started grinding his teeth.
  • This morning at 2 AM, Emma came into our room crying because her ears hurt.
  •  About 3 Jack came in because he wouldn’t calm down without his Dad holding him.
  • Then came Lucy about 5:30 howling because she claimed she hadn’t slept all night long.
  • Spencer pitter pattered in our room shortly after that and climbed into bed next to me saying his tummy hurt.
  • As we speak, Emma and Spencer both have plugged ears, Lucy has one ruptured ear drum and the other is painful and she can’t stand for long before she gets dizzy, Matt has a sore throat and his legs hurt, everyone has coughs and stuffy noses and is extra tired (except Jack who wants to climb everything).
  • I think we have set the record for movies watched in a one week period.
  • I have the best husband in the world who will always get up with the kids if they ever have a hard time going back to sleep.  In his words “If I don’t get enough sleep, I’m just a little more tired the next day”.  If I, however, don’t get enough sleep, I turn into a banshee.

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