Winter Wonderland

As eager as I am to leave Maine for a nice warm place I actually do like it when it snows.  It’s just beautiful!  Right now the snow is coming down so fast and hard that by the time I was finished shoveling out my parking spot, there was another two inches of snow on my porch.  The wind is blowing SO hard that the snow is seeming to come down sideways.  It’s white and crisp outside and I am inside in my cozy home with my fuzzy sweater.

I bundled the kids up to play while I shoveled.  10 minutes later Spencer had had enough and Lucy and Emma were eager to come in as well.  Sophie was (as usual) an absolute nutcase outside.  She loves the snow more than food and I had to stop shoveling whenever she came near because she likes to jump in the snow as I’m throwing it.  Which means it will be knocked back into the driveway.  I think she managed to run around 10 miles worth in a circle during the 30 minutes we were out there.

The thing is, once the snow stops it gets muddy and brown.  It ices over and it’s just cold and no longer beautiful.  And it’s supposed to rain tonight which means ICE!  No fun.

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