August 7

Woodrow for President

I can’t tell you how excited I am to tell you about this book!  It’s SO cute!

Woodrow for President: A Tail of Voting, Campaigns, and Elections

You may remember my review of Liberty Lee’s Tail of IndependenceWoodrow for President is also by Peter and Cheryl Barnes.  We get to read about Woodrow G. Washingtail and his path to becoming the President of the United Mice of America.  We follow Woodrow from his childhood to adulthood and owning his own store with his wife, to all of the stops along the way to the White House; including the town council, house mouse, state senator, then governor.
The sweet poetry then explains the election process, defining words and concepts like candidate, primary, campaign, political parties, national convention, running mate, debate and so many more.  They even touch on the electoral college as every state counts it’s vote.

I especially love the story of Woodrow G. Washingtail himself. I absolutely love how Peter and Cheryl told the story of a hard working kid who turned into a good, kind, service oriented, entrepreneur who served his fellow mice in the little things and recognized that someone as blessed as he was should bless others.  Only after several years of selfless community service was he encouraged by his friends and neighbors to run for office.  I just love that!  Far too many politicians today set their sights on Washington without taking care of their family and communities first.

Just like Liberty Lee there are lovely illustrations and a little hidden illustration for the kids to find.  The end pages are filled with wonderful facts and resources for parents and teachers and even a Contract to Vote encouraging children to get involved in the political process.  Did you know that nearly 40% of eligible voters do not vote on a regular basis? There are even less voters in midterm elections.  This is shameful for a nation that is supposedly of, by and for the people.

These books are doing a great job in filling the void for children to learn about and get excited about government.
On a related note, my kids usually have plenty of time throughout the day to look at books of their choosing.  Since they aren’t as good as picking up as they are at taking down, I get to see what books they love and what books are left on the shelves to collect dust.  These books are always on the floor when I pick up.

 {Disclaimer: I received this book for my family for free.  I received no other compensation for this review and all opinions are my own.}

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  1. I went to see if our library had this book. It doesn’t, but it did have two others by this author. One about the Supreme court and the other about the two houses of the Legislature. All three would make a great combo set to study the 3 branches of govt. I hope my library gets this one soon. It would be perfect to read this Election year.

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