Work, Work, Work

We had a crazy weekend to say the least. We single handedly have pushed Lowes and Home Depot into the black for this quarter. I spent the day painting yesterday while Matt chopped wood and worked on landscaping. We had the realtors come over a few days ago. Since the attic is already finished, they suggested we put in a staircase up the the attic. That will add about 200 extra square feet to the livable space of the house. I am repainting some of the bolder colors in our house (don’t worry, my fabulous red kitchen will stay) and finishing painting the trim. It’s going to look great. I swear our house will look like a Pottery Barn catalog when we are finished.

Matt is off to get a permit for the stairs this morning. He is also meeting with another two other dentists this afternoon to look for some temporary work. He has until Labor Day with Maller, but it’s weird now, and he doesn’t want to be there when he is. He’ll also need something just in case the house doesn’t sell quickly. Hopefully he’ll spend two days a week in each dental office and then work for Maller on Fridays. He still has some cases that he has to finish up. And Maller is teaching on Fridays, so Matt would be there by himself. I really am keeping my fingers crossed that the house sells, because Lucy is supposed to start school this fall. I don’t want to have to pull her out part way through the year.

We are going to be working like crazy the next week and a half. Matt and I are heading to the Birkshires for a week on the 7th, we would like to have the house on the market by then, so that they can show it while we’re gone and it won’t get dirty from kids and living in it. One big problem is that the market is down here, but it’s not as bad as they are crying about on the news. People come here, expecting a screamin’ deal, and are upset when sellers laugh at their ridiculous offer. It may take a while for people to realize they have to be serious. But one thing we have going for us is location, location, location. It’s not as good as an in-town house, but it’s on the island. Which is awesome.

I’ll post pictures as things get finished.

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