Would you…

My girls have some favorite toys.  Polly Pockets being one of them.  They play with them all the time.  It is always the first thing they ask to play with.  I really like the fact that they play with them, since we did spend money on them after all.  We have TONS of Polly Pockets.

100% of the time, within 10 minutes of the start of Polly Pocket the fighting starts.  And I’m not talking about little sibling spats that they can resolve themselves.  I’m talking about knock down, drag out cat fight about things like, who gets to play with Ariel, who gets the pink sparkly dress, and who isn’t playing the game the right way.  I’ve tried things like time out for the girls, time out for the toys, getting two of almost everything so that they can each have the same.  NONE of it works for more than a day.
So I figure I have a couple of options:
1. Just ride it out.  They do play with them after all.  There is nothing worse then spending money on toys that they completely ignore (we have a fair share of those too.)
2. Sell them on ebay just to get rid of the fighting.  If they can’t get along, then they can’t play with them ever again.  I figure I can get about $60 for them.
3. Let them each keep two dolls and two dresses and sell the rest.  Less is more right?
4. Let them each keep two dolls and two dresses and put the rest in storage until they recover from Mom’s crazy postpartum issues and learn how to be nice again because Mom has learned to be nice again.
I like the idea of selling them because I am just about ready to crack because of the constant fighting.  But if I were honest, if it wasn’t the PP it would be the Barbie, or the animals, or the trains…  Because, lets face it, I am a nutcase these days.  If Mama ain’t happy…
I hate the idea of selling them because, when they play with them separately, they play quietly for HOURS.
What would you do?

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