Yesterday's Classics

I must put a plug in for a great product!  Yesterday’s Classics, for anyone who has an eReader or kindle (or not) you can get 225 books for $99.95!
These include great books such as:

  • The Burgess Animal Book
  • The Burgess Bird Book
  • Stories of the Pilgrims (which I have and love)
  • Alexander the Great
  • The Odyssey for Kids
  • The Iliad for Kids
  • Famous Men of the Middle Ages
  • Mother Stories
  • The Fairy Book
  • In the Days of William the Conquerer
  • Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare
  • Poems Every Child Should Know
  • Stories from the Crusades
  • The Book of Nature Myths
  • American History Stories Volumes 1-4 (these include the stories that make up American History Stories You Never Read in School but Should Have).

And tons more with 22 genres.
They work on ipads, nook, sony reader, kindles AND on your computer.  You can get kindle for your computer over on or an epub application from Adobe (this is what I use).  With the Adobe app, you can print it out (in case you don’t like reading on your computer like me).
Curl up with an ipad and read these classics to your kids at night or put them in your school.  Get all of these books separately they would cost you nearly $2500 in paperback and $650 for epub.  Not to mention that (at least in my house) bookshelf space is at a premium.
$99.95 for everything but the sale ends May 31!  Get it now!

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