You know how it is

Though I have lots to tell, I can’t post without pictures, can’t put pictures that haven’t been retouched, can’t retouch pictures without scrapping, can’t open photoshop without designing. So…

Anyway, we had a good Christmas. Nice and peaceful. I think that deciding I wasn’t going to worry about it being perfect and not worrying about what I was going to eat helped. Lucy, Emma and Spencer loved every minute. Spencer went straight for the little wooden lobster pull toy and ran around the room, lobster claws clapping away. Matt and I have been enjoying the Calvin and Hobbes complete set, but it’s not over yet! I’m waiting with bated breath for the scanner I want to be in stock so I can order it.

I am working on a kit right now but I can’t think of a name. Here’s a sneak peak, any name ideas?

Matt has been working endlessly on the attic. He’s just finished putting up a half wall next to the stair case. It’s going to be a nice big playroom/guest room/living room someday.

He has to go back to work on Monday… oops, I mean Tuesday. Lucy goes back on Monday. It’s been nice having them both home, but I will be happy to get back to normal.

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