Your Thoughts?

I saw this video this morning and was disgusted during the revolutionary portion.  I don’t think that extramarital sex, substance abuse and laziness are the freedoms that make this country great (nor are they the freedoms that would be taken away if our country continues down this road).
I also didn’t care much for his criticism of Dr. Martin Luther King’s beliefs.
BUT his criticism of the anti-war effort, I think, is spot on. And I’d be interested to know what his criticisms of the other things are.
The video is being weird, just push play and don’t worry about the buffering, it will play anyway.

What are your thoughts?  His book might be an interesting side by side read to a Patriot’s History.  Because here is the thing, there ARE dirty little secrets that don’t make it into the the best of history books. Sometimes you can learn something by reading the other perspective and while the dark and dirty secrets aren’t important to the actual history and greatness of some events, when people bring the up and you don’t know about them (whether true or not) it can knock you off balance (Thomas Jefferson’s affair with his slave Sally Hemmings for example).
The trick is to know HOW to think, so that when you read something like that, you can glean from it the truth that is in there, but NOT accept their false interpretations or commentary (a book review to come that goes into more detail about this).
That being said, those kinds of books should be few and far between, there isn’t enough time to spend on the “good, better and best” books let alone things that don’t fall into any of those.

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