This morning, as I was getting Emma dressed, I noticed what looked like a tiny raised mole on her armpit. Upon closer examination (not easy with a ticklish girl) I discovered that it was, in fact, a tick. I got out my trusty tweezers and plucked it off before it got big and gross. Lucy wasn’t pleased with the the head to toe examination I gave her after I checked the rest of Emma. Now she cries about seeing ticks in her sleep and every time she sees a piece of dirt.

We think that Katie has decided to bring little critters into our home. I guess it’s tick season. Now I get to order flea and tick medication for her. How fun is that. I have a feeling that Katie will be banished until her medicine comes in and until I can get the house scrubbed (or have my mom do it.)

Apparently life outside of the city does have it’s drawbacks.

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