Zoo Again

We went to the Zoo last week but I wasn’t able to get good pictures.  So we went again on Saturday, with a better camera lens and Dad in tow and everything was great!  EXCEPT our flirting monkey decided to be antisocial.  So Matt didn’t get to see him.  The Raven did say “hi” though.
Here is the black swan.  Beautiful isn’t she?
This is the view that greets us as we are walking towards the entrance.  The turtles, ducks, geese and swans all congregate here.
The Capybara has BABIES!
One of the two Ocelots.  Just like any lazy cat out there.
Here is a series of some of my favorite photos that I took that day… or EVER!  These cranes were excellent subjects and posed so beautifully.  
Hello beautiful.
There is also a playground in the middle of the zoo for tired parents to sit and kids who’s “knees hurt” can run around.  Here is Emma playing on the “spider web”.  On a side note, I love my fancy lens.  It zooms in SO much more than my basic lens, but it doesn’t have an autofocus feature.  Which actually came in really handy as the one with autofocus really only wanted to focus on the fences that the animals were in.
And my all time favorite subjects.  Doesn’t she look thrilled to be at the zoo again?  The kangaroos weren’t cooperating (lazy things, did you know they can’t move their legs independently from each other?) and her “knee’s hurt” (until we got to the playground) and she was “thirsty” even though we had water for her.  But she bought those sunglasses all by herself with her chore money.
Emma had her chore money with her, too.  And since they were only 90 cents, we sprung for a pair for Spencer… which he broke as soon as we got in the car.  A very fun day.  After the zoo, we had naps and then off to the movies, which I already recapped for you.

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